Goal-Focused Software


Improving Outcomes

The main goal of patent-pending Claim-Maps is to improve outcomes for workers’ compensation claims. It’s not just about cost savings, but more about giving the injured worker the best possible outcome. In building this application, we believe we have created an entirely new class of software.

Adjusters, their managers, and other front-line claims people have to keep track of countless details across a large number of claims. We make their jobs easier with visuals and filtering capabilities to help them spot patterns–and potential problems–in time to do something about them. That improved efficiency and expanded scope of understanding equates to improved decision making, which ultimately improves outcomes. Those improved outcomes, in turn, save money for the employer.

Not Replacing Systems

Claim-Maps is a software-as-a-service application that works with any claim system. It augments the system you use today, eliminating the need to go through a costly replacement. Claim-Maps uses the same data, but shows it in a way that today’s systems just can’t match. For example, you can see every transaction for a 30-year-old claim on a single screen and then filter down from there to see any fine details you want.

To simplify our concept, we broke the work down to these core elements: Find, Understand, Decide, Do. Click the images below to learn more about how Claim-Maps helps in each area. Then contact us to see it (and believe it) for yourself.